Selected Publications

Many of my publications in AI can be found in the DBLP database. There is a more complete list of publications on my page at Research Gate. Here is a small selection.

Some recent research papers in logic and AI

  • F Aguado, P Cabalar, J Fandinno, D Pearce, G Pérez, C Vidal: Forgetting auxiliary atoms in forks. Artif. Intell. 275: 575-601 (2019)

  • F Aguado, P Cabalar, J Fandinno, D Pearce, G Pérez, C Vidal: Revisiting Explicit Negation in Answer Set Programming. Theory Pract. Log. Program. 19(5-6): 908-924 (2019)

  • P Cabalar, J Fandinno, L Fariñas del Cerro, D Pearce:

Functional ASP with Intensional Sets: Application to Gelfond-Zhang Aggregates. Theory Pract. Log. Program. 18(3-4): 390-405 (2018)

  • P Cabalar, D Pearce, A Valverde: Answer Set Programming from a Logical Point of View. Künstliche Intell. 32(2-3): 109-118 (2018)

  • A Harrison, V Lifschitz, D Pearce, A Valverde: Infinitary equilibrium logic and strongly equivalent logic programs. Artificial Intelligence 246: 22-33 (2017)

  • D Pearce, Equilibrium logic. Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence 47 (2006), 3-41.

  • V Lifschitz, D Pearce, A Valverde, Strongly Equivalent Logic Programs, ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, TOCL 2(4): 526-541 (2001)

Some recent publications in social ontology and AI

  • D Pearce, Collective intentionality and the social status of artifactual kinds, Design Science, vol. 2, e3 DOI: 10.1017/dsj.2016.3 (2016)

  • P Balbiani, David Pearce, L Uridia, On Logics of Group Belief in Structured Coalitions. Logics in AI (JELIA 2016): 97-111

  • D Pearce, L Uridia, The Topology of Common Belief, in A. Herzig and E. Lorini (Eds), The Cognitive Foundations of Group Attitudes and Social Interaction, Springer, 2015, pp. 133-152

  • D Pearce and L Uridia, Trust, Belief and Honesty, in G Gottlob, G Sutcliffe & A Voronkov (eds.), Global Conference on AI (GCAI 2015) (EPiC Series in Computer Science, vol 36), pp. 215-228.

  • D Pearce, A Model of Artifact Creation Reconsidered. European Conference on Social Intelligence (ECSI 2014): 137-147.